alem Elementary
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Spotlight on Students

These students were SPOTted demonstrating
Spot On! behavior in the second quarter of school.

Practice Self Control


Car Pool 8:45 - 9:10
Classes 9:15 - 3:45
Arrival and Dismissal Video


Make up days

Make up days will be handled at this point by eliminating early release days

  • Year-Round, Tracks 1 and 3: One make-up day will be taken by extending the early release days scheduled for March 6 and April 17 to full school days. The year-round make-up day originally scheduled for Feb. 28 has been canceled.
  • Year-Round, Track 4: The March 6 early release day will be extended to a full day.
  • Year-Round, Track 2: Track 2 was not in session during the weather closures. However, Track 2 will be in session on April 17 and will now be in school for a full day. Due to transportation constraints, it is not possible to run some schools/some tracks on an early release schedule, while other schools are on a full-day schedule.

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