The Salem Singers Chorus is made up of students in grades 3-5. They sing in concerts and for special events such as Hispanic Heritage Month and accompany performances by Salem groups such as the Salem Skip-Its.

Jennifer Fruend is the Salem Singers Chorus sponsor.

Recorder Choir

The Recorder Choir is for 5th grade students who have earned their black belt in recorder. It is an opportunity to learn to play a variety of music, to perform for an audience, and to have fun!

Jennifer Fruend is the Recorder Choir sponsor.


Scrabble Club is open to Salem Elementary students in grades three to five. Students work together in teams. Fourth and fifth grade students may participate in tournaments such as the Scrabble Club National Tournament.

What's a "BINGO?" A BINGO is when you use all seven of your letter tiles to spell a single word. BINGOs are usually difficult to attain. Our students have shown a great aptitude for Scrabble with BINGOs like "airship" for 81 points and "stander" for 68 points.

Sandra Wagner is the Scrabble Club sponsor.

Bus Helpers

Salem Elementary's Bus Helpers assist students and staff by helping with the unloading and loading of busses.

Debbie Edwards and Stacy Bigham are the Bus Helpers sponsors.


Salem's Flags team has the responsibility of raising and lowering our flags each day. Students learn and exercise flag etiquette.

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